Addressing Buzzing Noise Issues with LED Drivers: Understanding Causes and Solutions

Modified on Fri, 02 Jun 2023 at 03:56 PM


LED lighting has become increasingly popular due to its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and versatility. However, some users may encounter a buzzing noise coming from their LED drivers when using dimmable LED strips. This article will delve into the possible causes of this buzzing noise and offer practical solutions to help mitigate the issue.

Causes of Buzzing Noise in LED Drivers:

Dimming process: Buzzing noise often occurs when the LED controller is dimming the lights. The noise may be a result of the normal operation of the LED driver during the dimming process, and it might not be completely avoidable.

Incompatible components and mains dimming: When using mains dimming, it's important to ensure that all components within the setup are compatible. Incompatible components can lead to fluctuations in the current frequency, causing vibrations in the internal components of the LED driver, resulting in a buzzing noise.

Overheating: Inadequate ventilation around the LED driver can cause overheating, which can sometimes contribute to noise issues.

Solutions to Minimise Buzzing Noise:

Relocate the LED driver: If possible, move the LED driver to a more distant location from your living area. This will help to reduce the impact of the noise. Keep in mind that it is generally recommended to install the LED driver away from areas where noise may be a concern, especially in bedrooms.

Ensure proper ventilation: Make sure there is sufficient ventilation around the LED driver to prevent overheating, which can sometimes contribute to noise issues.

Consider using a higher wattage driver: While not required for all setups, a higher wattage driver could potentially resolve the noise issue during dimming for some customers. You can test this by purchasing and trying a higher wattage driver.


Buzzing noise in LED drivers can be a nuisance, but there are steps you can take to minimise its impact. Understanding the causes, particularly the role of mains dimming and component compatibility, and implementing the suggested solutions can help improve your LED lighting experience. Don't hesitate to reach out to customer support for further assistance if you continue to experience issues with your LED driver.

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