Trade Account - Unlocking Exclusive Benefits for New and Existing Customers

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Hi-Line Lighting, a leading manufacturer of LED strips and specialty lighting, offers a smooth and convenient process for customers to transition their existing accounts or create new trade accounts. Whether you are an existing client or new to Hi-Line Lighting, our streamlined solution ensures easy access to exclusive benefits tailored to your business needs. In this article, we will guide you on how to seamlessly convert your existing Hi-Line Lighting account into a trade account, as well as how new customers can apply for trade prices and unlock the advantages of a trade account.

Transitioning to a Trade Account:

If you already have an existing account with Hi-Line Lighting that is not a trade account, we provide a simple process to convert it. By clicking on the dedicated Business-to-Business (B2B) button within your current Hi-Line Lighting account, you can initiate the transition and unlock a world of trade prices and tailored benefits.

Important Note for Existing Account Holders:

For existing Hi-Line Lighting account holders who use the same email address, it is important to note that the trade registration link cannot be used to apply for a separate trade account. Instead, by utilizing the B2B button within your existing Hi-Line Lighting account, you can smoothly transition to a trade account without any duplication or confusion.

Temporary Account Update:

During the transition process, there may be a temporary update period where your Hi-Line Lighting account undergoes necessary modifications. These updates include adjusting pricing tiers, granting access to trade-specific features, and implementing other relevant changes. Rest assured, these temporary changes are part of our efforts to enhance your overall trading experience with Hi-Line Lighting.

Reactivation within 24 Hours:

Following the temporary update period, your Hi-Line Lighting account will be reactivated within 24 hours, equipped with all the privileges and advantages of a trade account. You will regain full access to your account, including trade prices, exclusive discounts, bulk ordering capabilities, and a wide range of other benefits. We appreciate your patience during this waiting period as we work to ensure a seamless transition to your enhanced trade account.

Trade Registration Link for New Customers:

If you are new to Hi-Line Lighting and wish to enjoy the benefits of a trade account, we provide a dedicated trade registration link. This link is designed specifically for individuals or businesses who have no prior registration with Hi-Line Lighting. By following this link, new customers can easily apply for a trade account, granting them access to tailored benefits and advantages that cater to their specific needs.


Hi-Line Lighting ensures a smooth and comprehensive experience for both existing and new customers. Whether you are transitioning an existing account or creating a new one, our process allows you to seamlessly unlock exclusive trade prices and benefits. By utilizing the B2B button within your existing Hi-Line Lighting account or following our trade registration link as a new customer, you can embrace the possibilities of a trade account and enjoy the exclusive benefits it brings to your business. Discover premium LED strips and specialty lighting solutions with Hi-Line Lighting's trade account today.

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