Hi-Line Lighting Amber LED Strips: A Revolution in Colour Rendering

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In the world of lighting, innovation is paramount, and Hi-Line Lighting is setting a new industry standard with their Amber LED Strips. Hi-Line has made a significant breakthrough by implementing direct amber chips instead of phosphor-converted (PC) amber chips, yielding what we believe to be some of the most pristine amber hues on the market.

The choice to use direct amber chips is not one taken lightly. It's a bold move that puts Hi-Line Lighting at the forefront of LED technology. In contrast to PC amber chips, which are typically made by coating blue LED chips with phosphor to convert the light to a different colour, direct amber chips emit light at a specific wavelength without the need for conversion.

This approach results in the emission of purer, more consistent light. Hi-Line's Amber LED Strips produce a radiant amber colour that is not only appealing to the eye but also true to the natural colour. The quality of light is an often overlooked yet crucial factor in creating the desired ambience, making Hi-Line's LED strips a top choice for designers, architects, and homeowners alike.

The Amber LED Strips emit light at a wavelength of 604nm, which is in the amber range of the visible spectrum. This specific wavelength ensures the light produced is of a precise amber hue, eliminating any risk of it appearing too yellow or too red.

Another key feature of Hi-Line's Amber LED Strips is their colour temperature. The strips operate at a correlated colour temperature (Tc) of 1959K. This low colour temperature is associated with a warm, inviting light, further enhancing the calming amber effect. It's a balance not easily achieved, but the innovative team at Hi-Line Lighting has managed to do just that.

The use of direct amber chips also brings about a host of practical advantages. These chips are more energy-efficient and provide a longer lifespan compared to their PC counterparts, making the Amber LED Strips a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution.

Hi-Line Lighting's commitment to developing cutting-edge technology, such as their Amber LED Strips, is reshaping the landscape of LED lighting. By using direct amber chips, they've unlocked a level of colour purity that was previously unattainable. The result is a product that not only performs exceptionally but also achieves one of the best results for pure amber colour in the industry.

In conclusion, Hi-Line Lighting's Amber LED Strips represent a significant leap forward in LED technology. Their decision to use direct amber chips, combined with a precise wavelength and ideal colour temperature, results in a superior amber hue that is as visually pleasing as it is innovative. It's clear that with this product, Hi-Line Lighting continues to illuminate the path towards the future of lighting.


For more information about Hi-Line Lighting's revolutionary Amber LED Strips , please follow the link below:

Hi-Line Lighting Amber LED Strips

Explore the captivating world of Hi-Line's LED technology and discover the difference a true amber hue can make in your lighting design.

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